"Jackie of all trades"   ;-)


~ A r t i s t ~

As a child it always fascinated me how you could take coloured crayons
and a colouring book to make things colourful and beautiful. I remember
in Grade 7 - 8 my teacher asking me to sketch (to enlarge) a historical
person or event that was in our history books (yeah, nowadays it would
be copyright infringement) nor did we have enlargers in 'those' days. :-)

When my children were very young, I used to have the urge to paint.
I would paint up a storm into the 'wee' hours of the night.

I was commission by the Board of Education in Northwestern Ontario to
paint a series of 11 nursery rhyme murals (4' x 4' ) on the basement walls
of the school. These paintings have been published as part of the schools
memoirs "Don't Wake The Teacher!" by Hidden Brook Press.
Winters were so bitterly cold, the students were kept inside and played in the basement. It needed a fresh coat of paint and I suggested the addition of murals
on the walls.  (see pics here)

I've enrolled in painting workshops and found that water colours were
beautiful but I could not get the 'feel' for it. I tried acrylics and was more
successful  (pic here)

I  enrolled in an oil painting workshop and found that this was the medium
that I enjoyed the most. It still amazes me how you can take  paints & brush, |apply it to a canvas and something beautiful is composed!
(see pic here)